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Identify your unique strengths and opportunities for growth (60 USD per couple + 1 Coaching Session). Ideal for those preparing for marriage as well as those already married. 

It assesses these areas of your relationship:

– 12 Relationship Scales – communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexual expectations, finances, spiritual beliefs, and more
– 5 SCOPE Personality Scales
– 4 Couple and Family Scales – based on Circumplex Model
– 4 Relationship Dynamic Scales
– 30 Customised Scales

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Tune Your Marriage Strings

Just like you go to the gym to maintain a healthy body, every relationship also needs to be kept in shape to stand the tests of time.

Now, imagine spouses that got married in their twenties and have lived well into their seventies still married. The reality is that they will have spent 50 years of their lives together! Imagine that! Honestly, that is quite some enormous amount of time and commitment! No one enters into an arrangement or contract for that long without first determining the key foundational issues such as commitment and costs involved.

Interestingly, we have talked to many young couples and a big percentage underestimate the lifetime of effort and commitments required to build a successful marriage and so they take their relationship lightly. This has resulted in many relationships ending up breaking due to marital, financial and other disagreements. That is why it is important to invest early on marital fitness to help cement your marital foundation on a solid ground to last a lifetime. 

In our Marriage Strings program, you get a lifetime access  to seven most important foundational trainings on how to tune your relationship to last for a lifetime. We use stories and practical examples in video, audio and written formats to facilitate a creative learning experience.

  1. The six stages of marriage and the importance of working as a team in each stage
  2. How to prioritise your spouse and relationship using the Loving String.
  3. How to be a great giver to your spouse using the Gifting String.
  4. How to share life, decisions and concerns with your spouse using the Sharing String.
  5. How to maintain an intimate relationship with your spouse using the Sex String.
  6. How to show fidelity and loyalty using the Guarding String.
  7. How to exchange emotions, desires and beliefs in a loving and caring environment using the Talking String.
  8. Other bonus materials from other relationship gurus.
  9. On completion you will get a Motivat School certificate.

The Motivat School of Marriage, Life and Business is here to provide transformative training, coaching, speaking and events to help you achieve fruitful relationships and the motivation to Love, live and work like a champion. Our trainings help to instantly transform your mindset to build mental, marital and entrepreneurial fitness.